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For 45 years, soul-winners worldwide have used Chick cartoon tracts to witness because CHICK TRACTS GET READ! Each one grabs the reader's attention, then clearly presents the gospel, ending with an invitation to receive Christ. Tracts are available in nearly 100 languages. Read a tract online:

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SKU: 618 - 071
Catholics trust in their religion and good works for salvation, but neither can save. Only Jesus can!
SKU: 522
This assortment pack contains one printed copy of all the current English Chick tracts, including our most popular title "This Was Your Life!" It also includes such favorites as "A Love Story," "The Choice" and "The Long Trip." With nearly 100 different t
SKU: 620 - 055
A student proves evolution is full of holes.
SKU: 621 - 039
Through Charlie's ants, young readers learn that God became man to die for us. Great salvation message!
SKU: 622 - 1030
What do you get when you mix Catholic superstition with voodoo? Santeria! But there is a way out...
SKU: 624 - 5018
Be careful how you use his name. He wasn't just a baby in a manger. Jesus is GOD!
SKU: 625 - 32
It was supposed to be a fun Halloween, visiting a "Haunted House" for a great scare. But when an accident claims a boy's life, his friends learn there is a real hell waiting for all those who die without Jesus.
SKU: 626 - 087
Learn how to gain riches you can take with you when you die.
SKU: 532-1058
While being beaten, Abdul's son asked him, 'Papa, is Allah like you?' Hurt and shocked, Abdul began to look for the loving God of creation, and found Him in the Prophet Jesus.
SKU: 627 - 1109
Money, women, fame... it was all his. What a deal! But then it came time to pay up.
SKU: 628 - 82
When this Catholic dies, he learns that his church couldn't save him.
SKU: 629 - 1000
God has promised to judge those who turn against Israel and bless those who trust her Messiah.