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SKU: 815
Workbook and set of DVDs of a complete seminar at a very special bundle price - Inclusive of worldwide postage.
SKU: 724
Workbook and set of DVDs of a complete seminar at a very special bundle price - Inclusive of worldwide postage.
SKU: 650
£40.00 £28.00
4 Messages in a 4 DVD set. Absalom, Healing in the Torah, Healing the Family Tree, Release from Mother's Anger (or just the anger of another). These messages include the ministry time from the service. Inclusive of Worldwide Postage!
SKU: 484
Derek Robert, a man with a message, explains the root to Jezebel. If you want to 'cure' Jezebel you need to understand the root! Experience
SKU: 461
£7.00 £3.50
Do you have that weird experience being under attack after leaving a church? Do you feel 'being prayed against'? Derek came under horrendous attack and found he had been - illegally - handed over to satan. Out of that extreme experience the Lord gave De
SKU: 760
Here I teach on going back to the past, to change the present and transform your future. Never mind the strange title as this is the other DVD of two most powerful messages that I preached in 2010. I teach from scripture the how and the why of using commu
SKU: 311
£7.00 £3.50
Derek Robert explains how not only Sexual Abuse is a cause of Shame but Rules and Regulations of those� in Moses seat� (Matthew 23). God wants us to live out of relationship with Him, but the buried pain of Shame can hinder that. Renounce the Sha
SKU: 139
£7.00 £3.50
Is your church marching to the tune of Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven new age formula? Rick Warren who has taken the philosophies of 33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuler, and repackaged them for his books is leading churches into New Age deception.
SKU: 451
£7.00 £3.50
With the divorce rate amongst those inside the church as high as with those outside divorce is a serious problem facing the church today. This message does not seek to go into the right and or wrong of divorce so much as address the guilt and condemnat
SKU: 792
This advanced 5-day seminar is preached in English with Dutch translation - Very powerful seminar with new keys and revelation. We recommend purchase of the workbook, Breaking the Chains of Emotional Abandonment, Fatherlessness and Jezebel with this se
SKU: 405
£40.00 £20.00
Many diseases and problems are rooted in iniquities and generational curses. Find out what the difference is between iniquities and generational curses. For a Christian to walk in real freedom a bilical understanding of both Iniquities and generat