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SKU: 526
Workbook and set of CDs of a complete seminar at a very special bundle price - Worldwide postage included!
SKU: 646
As always the Lord has His reasons to bring subjects up. So it happened with this message. Seeking the Lord for guidance He spoke clearly at the time of a challenging situation. A must hear when you are battling with this take-over-spirit!
SKU: 575
If you have been in a situation of coming under the anger of another, be it parent, employer, or whoever, there are keys of release with this message.
SKU: 501
This advanced 5-day seminar is preached in English with Dutch translation - Very powerful seminar with new keys and revelation. We recommend purchase of the workbook, Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry with this set.
SKU: 441
£10.00 £6.00
Having prayed a simple sinners prayer many are then told that they are now born again and have eternal life. But are they born again. Men like the Wesley's and Charles Spurgeon sought God for years before they received the peace of God that comes wit
SKU: 554
This seminar, Breaking the Chains of Addictions (Alcohol, Sex, Food) comes with new keys. The application of those keys has brought release from disorders such as Bulimia, Anorexia, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and gluttony to name a few, as we
SKU: 11
Live recording from our powerful seminar.
SKU: 444
Have a seminar in your home with this live recording.
SKU: 418
Many diseases and problems are rooted in iniquities and generational curses. Find out what the difference is between iniquities and generational curses. For a Christian to walk in real freedom a bilical understanding of both Iniquities and generat
SKU: 556
Do you struggle accepting yourself? Do you struggle with feelings of inferiority, depression, and distrust? May be you often feel rejected but don?t know why? Then it is important that the root of that rejection is found and dealt with! In this
SKU: 36
CD: Complete Fatherlessness & Breaking The Power of Jezebel seminar on CD set - 8 CD's
SKU: 155
This residential seminar held in the UK brings real keys, deliverance and freedom from sexual bondages. Enjoy the power and release of the Holy Spirit in the comfort of your home.