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The perfect resource for everything readers want to know about the differences between Roman Catholicism and evangelical Christianity. What are the basic tenets of the Roman Catholic faith? What do Catholics mean by "salvation" and "justification"? Ho
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From the Publisher: Denounced by the Vatican... Acclaimed around the world... Vindicated by new evidence... Winner of the 1985 Crime writers Gold Dagger Award for best non-fiction... Over 5,000,000 copies sold.
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Subtitle: The Church of Rome and the European Union exposed to the light of truth. This book is written as a warning to the Christian churches of the danger of the false religion that originated at Babylon. The book seeks to follow the scriptural patte
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Warren Smith was a spiritual seeker. That journey led him down a yellow-brick road of pied-piper spirits, landing him in a metaphysical New Age where the Christ proclaimed wasn't the real Christ at all. Following signs and wonders, he jumped through spir
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In the midst of a culture that shouts "Sex!" from every corner, is it not time someone talked eye-to-eye with Christian men about how to master lust and achieve the holiness they long for? Bill Perkins details a plan for sexual integrity -- one t