Book - In Search Of Material Possessions by Dr. Harold Dewberry Ph.D.

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Have you ever wondered...

  • what Jesus taught abut godly living and prosperity?
  • where prosperity fits in your life?
  • when to say "No" to the allure of wealth?
  • how to stay focused on God while building an inheritance for your family?
  • why many people put their faith in provisions instead of Provider?

Sadly many Christians don't seek true holiness of heart through a personal relationship with the Lord. Instead, they deek to perform for God and use monetary gain as proof of success. Countless false doctrines feef this frenzy and obscure God's vision of true porsperity.

Join with Dr. Harold Dewberry as he explores the real meaning of biblical stewardship and the pursuit of true prosperity in receiving it.

Don't be fooled any longer. Take hold of God's promises and live the life God intended you to live.


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