Book - God Has Caused Me To Forget by Dr. Harold Dewberry Ph.D.

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The title of this book, 'God Has Caused Me To Forget', was inspired by the story of Joseph. Like Joseph many of us have been raised in a dysfunctional family home with sexual abuse, alcoholism, drugs, bitterness and jealousy between family members and rejection. The wounds, the trauma, the mental and emotional scars are often carried into our adult lives and relationships.

Joseph was such a victim, but because of his love for and obedience to God's word he was not only healed but was able to fulfil his divine destiny and was also used by God to be the catalyst to restore harmony and wholeness to the entire family system.

His healing is revealed to us in Genesis 41:51 where he called his first-born son Manasseh meaning: God has caused me to forget all my toil and my father's house. We too can be like Joseph; being restored and healed but also be the catalyst to restore the whole family unit.

Paperback 200 pages

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