Book - Depression by Dr Harold Dewberry Ph.D.

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"Psychological suffering" is probably caused by depression more than any single disease that affects mankind. The bleakness of discouragement, feelings of hopelessness and despair have caused many to prematurely end their lives, through suicide.

As scripture notes in Proverb 13:12: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." A literal meaning of the phrase "hope deferrde" is the "loss of expectations," or a lack of fulfillment of expectations, which is similar to a "death experience." When this occurs, then our hearts are sick with grief, caused by this "death experience," and if this grief is not recognized or acknowledged or even denied, then depression will result. The "grief" is the primary emotion, while the "depression" is the secondary emotion.

We all have expectations at different stages and roles as we walk through various stages of our lives. We have expectations of our professions, work, friends, pastors and church life. "Expectations" are what we call "hope." When these expectations are not fulfilled, then a "death of expectation" occurs. If we do not acknowledge that a death has taken place, the we embrace worldly grief. This sets in motion a syndrome in which grief (sorrow) is characterized by guilt, anger, denial and depression. This grief, wich is the primary emtional response to loss or death, is one of major causes of sickness and disease. If this grief remains unresolved, then it will lead to death, for "worldly grief leads to death" (2 Corinthians 7:10)


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