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Harold Dewberry - Products

Harold Dewberry - Products

Dr. Harold Dewberry, who was promoted to glory on the 22nd July 2015, was recognised around the world as an apostle, prophet, teacher and author. His ministry continues through his teachings by books, and video as well as in the lives of those who have been radically changed to live as overcomers in Messiah Ye'shua.

The residential program, pioneered by Dr. Dewberry became a unique model for pastoral care and provided crisis intervention for many people who had been given a poor secular prognosis of recovery from emotional, physical and personality disorders.

The ministry of Dr. Dewberry continues today, in the UK and Europe, through the ministry of the Dewberry Institute of Healing and Ministry, under the oversight of Pastor and Evangelist, Derek Robert.

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SKU: 107
Harold teaches on understanding the emotions, origin and results whilst highlighting many key points in scripture. With focus on determining righteous from unrighteous anger and anger in the Old Testament. Includes two disk CD set on 'Anger'
SKU: 434
Anxiety and Worry will rob you of spiritual blessings, and mental and physical health. In this booklet, you wil learn how to break-free from these bondages.
SKU: 193
Iniquities. What are they? Clear understanding will enable you to walk in a new dimension of victory.
SKU: 195
Pastoral Care and Counselling is a unique ministry of the Body of Christ. This work of the ministry has been called Cura Animarum, the care of the soul. To be called to care for the soul of the people of God is a high calling for it opens to the dedicated
SKU: 194
"Psychological suffering" is probably caused by depression more than any single disease that affects mankind. The bleakness of discouragement, feelings of hopelessness and despair have caused many to prematurely end their lives, through suicide.
SKU: 219
Success in life is not an accident but a direct result of living in harmony with basic life principles set forth in scripture. Real outward success is a by-product of inner achievement and transformation of the soul. Escape from the ordinary gives a step
SKU: 104
For those who have walked through the valley of personal humiliation, grief and suffering and yet have not found the doorway of hope, which leads to release and healing. BOOKS SLIGHTLY WATER DAMAGED BUT VERY READABLE. A MUST FOR EVERY COUNSELLOR
SKU: 15
The title of this book, 'God Has Caused Me To Forget', was inspired by the story of Joseph. Like Joseph many of us has been raised in a dysfunctional family home with sexual abuse, alcoholism, drugs, bitterness and jealousy between family members and re
SKU: 106
Using scriptural references, Harold examines 'Grief' from a biblical perspective and studies 'broken spirits' and how to minister to them. This teaching is a vital asset whether concerning yourself or those around you. Includes an audio tape on 'Grief'
SKU: 18
This book brings balance to todays message of properity. Much of what is taught is no more than a new age message of 'Health, Wealth and Happiness'. Thousands are giving to receive a hundredfold return and with few exceptions the only people to receive
SKU: 196
Scriptural meditation is NOT sitting on a lay line humming OM or some other such practice. Find out what scriptural meditation is and put it into practice in your life. It WILL make a difference
SKU: 452
Shame can be a positive emotion but can become toxic and destructive. Toxic shame creates within us a negative self-image. It is the major root cause of negative cycles of life and the hinderance to true prosperity and wealth.