Looking for Freedom from Freemasonry?

Dealing with freemasonry can considerable reduce the need for personal ministry and deliverance. That said, we also recognise there can be many other causes of our problems. If you have a problem that has defied both the doctors and prayer, there is high possibility you need to address the issue of Freemasonry. Addressing the generational roots of freemasonry does make a very good beginning, and for some this is the answer. Many come to us saying that they have tried everything else, sometimes feeling that this is last chance saloon. Fear not. Many have come to us in such a state, however Father has been good, and they have gone away transformed by truth and the power of the Spirit of Yehovah.

For most the best place to start is our workbook ‘Breaking the Chains Freemasonry.’ With over 500 renunciations to break the negative effects of all 33 degrees of Scottish Rite masonry as well as all of the York Rite this book leaves most with a feeling of being cleansed.

If having worked through this book you feel there are still roots and or bondages then we suggest you purchase one of our ‘Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry’ seminars on DVD or CD. This really is a seminar in your home complete with the ministry as it happened in the seminar.

Further resources include 'Breaking the Chains of Fatherlessnes, Emotional Abandonment & Jezebel' recently revised and updated with more keys and new title. Fatherlessness is a condition suffered by those who were not orphaned, but not nurtured by their father.

Our workbook ‘Breaking the Chains of Impoverishment and Financial Loss’ is another resource that deals with the roots that cause financial loss. Freemasonry has been the cause of serious financial impairment for many. (This book is being revised at present. Sign up for our eNews to be advised as soon as available)

Derek’s latest book on Masonry, ‘Freemasonry Dethroned’ covers all that the Spirit of Yehovah revealed to him through over fifteen years of ministry into freemasonry.  This is a book for further freedom as well as 'advanced spiritual warfare' and is extensive.

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SKU: 779
** NEW TITLE ** This book now replaces Christian Set Yourself Free From Freemasonry. It is Derek's latest update and 6th Revision complete with new keys and strategies. This is a complete Masonic Curse Reversal Workbook
SKU: 775
This is a workbook of advanced spiritual warfare that is the fruit of twenty years involvement in the ministry of deliverance from Freemasonry. Father has given me so many keys that were not in any of my books, that I felt the need to write them down.
SKU: 527
Derek Robert, Gründer von Freedom Ministries International, bietet Ihnen nun eine erweiterte Ausgabe des befreienden Buches an, das weltweit geholfen hat, die Mächte und Generationsflüche der Freimaurerei zu brechen und zahllose Familien freizusetzen.
SKU: 217
In this most fascinating and extremely well-documented book, you will discover some little known facts about one of the most well-known men of the 20th century, Billy Graham, as well as several of his influential and powerful friends.
SKU: 10
** DISCONTINUED ** This book is now replaced by Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry. It is our latest update and 6th Revision to Christian Set yourself Free From Freemasonry. Click for more details to link to latest book
SKU: 453
Are Masonry and Christianity truly compatible? Using their concise question and answer style, noted researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon look at the basics of the issue, examining Masonic claims and terminology.
SKU: 40
The mystical rituals are no longer a secret in hidden Secrets of Masonry. Taken from their own books, you'll discover for yourself, the oppressive darkness inside the Masonic lodge Further, does Masonry promote astrology and reincarnation? Are Masonry
SKU: 41
The Eastern Star exposed In this important book, Dr. Cathy Burns methodically documents the fact that both Masonry and the Eastern Star are occultic organizations. The book includes 1,483 footnotes, many of which are from Eastern Star and Masonic sour
SKU: 44
What are the secret symbols in use all around us of Masons and occultists? Most people are amazed to discover that the signs, marks, and other symbols on TV, in advertisements, and in logos of the largest corporations in the world are actually of occult m
SKU: 45
An ex-32nd degree Mason, witch and satanist, brought to the light of Jesus Christ, now reveals all the hidden secrets of Masonry. Detailed in clear illustrations, this book is a must-have for those who want accurate knowledge of the Craft.
SKU: 761
Answers to many questions on Mormonism and its founder Joseph Smith. The book tackles questions such as: Was Joseph Smith involved in Occult Practices? Is there a Masonic connection? What takes place inside the Mormon Temple?
SKU: 34
Subtitle: The Church of Rome and the European Union exposed to the light of truth. This book is written as a warning to the Christian churches of the danger of the false religion that originated at Babylon. The book seeks to follow the scriptural patte