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SKU: 119
Pastor Harold Dewberry delivers a powerful message on overcoming trials and tribulations with an attitude Christians should take based on the Scriptures. Full of years of experience and wisdom, Harold addresses the issues of how we become strong in Jes
SKU: 121
One hour and twenty minute message. Pastor Harold discusses those intimate things close to the heart of every man.
SKU: 156
Anxiety and Worry has been termed the psychological flu of this age. Seminar on DVD
SKU: 509
The Apostolic end-time teaching of this seminar is to equip you to resist the evil tide that is hindering the church and endeavouring to destroy it.
SKU: 167
Keys to Physical Healing is a recording of a powerful seminar from the book of James. The insights Dr Dewberry brings under his prophetic gifting releases physical and emotional healing. You are able to pray the prayer of faith! The book of James will nev
SKU: 114
A dynamic eight hour teaching series revealing Biblical keys and principles on how to receive and minister inner healing and wholeness. DVD ONE Session 1 Release from Inner Conflicts Grief, fear, stress, torment Session 2 Release from Generation
SKU: 764
Recording of Complete seminar in the Netherlands, English with Dutch translation.