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As always the Lord has His reasons to bring subjects up. So it happened with this message. Seeking the Lord for guidance He spoke clearly at the time of a challenging situation. A must hear when you are battling with this take-over-spirit!
SKU: 484
Derek Robert, a man with a message, explains the root to Jezebel. If you want to 'cure' Jezebel you need to understand the root! Experience
SKU: 792
This advanced 5-day seminar is preached in English with Dutch translation - Very powerful seminar with new keys and revelation. We recommend purchase of the workbook, Breaking the Chains of Emotional Abandonment, Fatherlessness and Jezebel with this se
SKU: 39
Experience this powerful seminar in the comfort of your own home. One family in South Africa said "our whole family has been change by this teaching, we cannot thank you enough"
SKU: 745
DVD set - 8 DVD's Many upon many are affected through their fatherlessness due to their father either not being there for them or not being a true nurturer for his children's needs. This can have enormous repercussions over the children for the rest of
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Jezebel, the false deity that operates in families and makes manipulating controllers out of mothers and often locks men into passivity and sometimes into being the personality of little boy. Recording of 3-day DVD set with Dutch translation - 11 sessi