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SKU: 724
Workbook and set of DVDs of a complete seminar at a very special bundle price - Inclusive of worldwide postage. Please note this is the latest version of Derek's book and the cover is different to that shown
SKU: 464
Derek Robert shows the links between 4th - 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Jewish Kabbala and Scripture. With explanations on ritual blood, ritual murder and its effects. Recorded live at Canford Magna in Dorset, �Freemasonry & the Synagogue
SKU: 449
DVD Documentary. Excellent for those not sure about masonry.
SKU: 533
£76.00 £50.00
This advanced 5-day seminar is preached in English with Dutch translation - Very powerful seminar with new keys and revelation. A seminar in your home!
SKU: 212
Powerful day of teaching and deliverance. Never seen a demon cast out? Watch this video and see it done in Jesus mighty name! [With Dutch translation]