Book - Stolen Finance by Derek Robert

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THIS BOOK IS BEING REVISED: Expected release date end of 2018

Do you need deliverance? Do you need healing? Have your finances gone pear shaped? Are you living in the fullness of the abundant life that Ye'shua the Messiah promised? Could this be connected with non-tithing?

Are you a tither? Find out how non-tithing, past or present, could be the cause of your present predicament and discover how to break the cycle of poverty, debt and weven sickness. 

If you are asking 'How can I possibly start tithing, I do not have enough money to go around as it is?' then you need 'Stolen Finance'.

If you are a tither, but as you look at your finances and are thinking 'This does not work,' you also need this workbook which is full of new keys and prayer strategies to release your finance out of the grip of the enemy and into the blessing of God.

Stolen Finance is a book with a difference as it makes a clear distinction between the New Age message of health, wealth and happiness that has impregnated much of what is taught on this subject and what the Word of God actually teaches.


Spiral bound workbook and CD

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