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Book - Lead Me To The Father by Derek Robert

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This book started out as a Friday evening bible study on the Godhead, when the law of unintended consequences kicked in. Reading the study notes I had provided, people began testifying to inner healing as well as to a new relationship with Father. My initial reaction was, How?


Some early comments were: This study is pure gold, the Holy Spirit has been healing me deep on the inside. Nobody was more surprised than me. My Dutch translator said, as soon as I sit down to work on this book His presence is there. Something extraordinary was happening, not just to individuals, but also in the meetings. There was a deeper sense of His presence, a deeper unity and worship. Awesome.


I would love to give you here just the one key that 'did it', but that is not possible. It is not even easy to give you a sum up of the book, but the words of Yeshua in the last verse of John 17 are one of the keys. Yeshua said in prayer to the Father, I have declared unto them THY NAME, (YEHOVAH) and will declare it; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.


We have become more aware of how much the Creator, the One True and Living God is desirous of a relationship with us. The question is: how can we have a relationship with someone who has no name? Throughout the ages the enemy has attempted to blot out Father's Name and, to some extent with success. We Christians hardly know, or not know at all what the Name of our Creator is. Yeshua declared Father's Name and knowing that is...  


Well, there are some amazing keys and I want to recommend you obtain a copy. 


150 pages B5 softback 


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