Derek Robert is the founder and Director of Freedom Ministries International. Having come to Christ at 16 years of age he came to realise he had many bondages to be set free from. In 1997 he was set free from the negative effects of his forefathers involvement in Freemasonry. The Lord then called Derek to set others free from its insidious effects.

The results of this ministry are sometimes electric and the fruit remarkable. Many have testified to their lives being totally transformed through Derek's book 'Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry' and our seminar of the same title.. These testimonies include many astounding healings. Including cancer, autistic type fits and mental conditions.

Derek is ordained with En Agape, the ministry of Dr Harold Dewberry, in California, USA.

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Many diseases and problems are rooted in iniquities and generational curses. Find out what the difference is between iniquities and generational curses. For a Christian to walk in real freedom a bilical understanding of both Iniquities and generat
SKU: 557
Do you struggle accepting yourself? Are you struggling with feelings of inferiority, depression, and distrust? May be you often feel rejected but don?t know why? Then it is important that the root of that rejection is found and dealt with! In this
SKU: 39
Experience this powerful seminar in the comfort of your own home. One family in South Africa said "our whole family has been change by this teaching, we cannot thank you enough"
SKU: 153
This residential seminar held in the UK brings real keys, deliverance and freedom from sexual bondages. Enjoy the power and release of the Holy Spirit in the comfort of your home.
SKU: 212
Powerful day of teaching and deliverance. Never seen a demon cast out? Watch this video and see it done in Jesus mighty name! [With Dutch translation]
SKU: 745
DVD set - 8 DVD's Many upon many are affected through their fatherlessness due to their father either not being there for them or not being a true nurturer for his children's needs. This can have enormous repercussions over the children for the rest of
SKU: 648
Another amazing key we learned in ministry is that sexual uncleanness in one or more generations can open the door to the spirit of death and manifest in subsequent generations as compulsive disorders as well as sexual bondages. This teaching and ministry
SKU: 424
This 1-day seminar includes a brand new message on Emotional Abandonment which is one of the main root causes of Rejection. This recording includes ministry, which you can experience in the comfort of your home. This is truly a life changing semi
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£60.00 £50.00
Jezebel, the false deity that operates in families and makes manipulating controllers out of mothers and often locks men into passivity and sometimes into being the personality of little boy. Recording of 3-day DVD set with Dutch translation - 11 sessi
SKU: 769
Derek Robert, fondateur de Freedom Ministries International et auteur de « Chrétien, libère- toi de la Franc-maçonnerie» a retranscrit son sujet de séminaire « Livre - L’Absence de Paternité – Briser la puissance de Jézabel » sous la forme