Derek Robert is the founder and Director of Freedom Ministries International. Having come to Christ at 16 years of age he came to realise he had many bondages to be set free from. In 1997 he was set free from the negative effects of his forefathers involvement in Freemasonry. The Lord then called Derek to set others free from its insidious effects.

The results of this ministry are sometimes electric and the fruit remarkable. Many have testified to their lives being totally transformed through Derek's book 'Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry' and our seminar of the same title.. These testimonies include many astounding healings. Including cancer, autistic type fits and mental conditions.

Derek is ordained with En Agape, the ministry of Dr Harold Dewberry, in California, USA.

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SKU: 780
Some wonder at the connection of Fatherlessness & Jezebel. Simply, because of Emotional Abandonment, a fear of abandonment is created. In turn a control personality is developed that is often seen as being 'jezebelic'. Also produced is the double soul tha
SKU: 779
** NEW TITLE ** This book now replaces Christian Set Yourself Free From Freemasonry. It is Derek's latest update and 6th Revision complete with new keys and strategies. This is a complete Masonic Curse Reversal Workbook
SKU: 776
The history of Rome clearly tells us about dictatorship and bloodshed, but not many a Protestant knows on which side their forefathers stood. Most of us are not aware if somewhere in the family line there has been an encounter with or involvement in Roman
SKU: 775
This is a workbook of advanced spiritual warfare that is the fruit of twenty years involvement in the ministry of deliverance from Freemasonry. Father has given me so many keys that were not in any of my books, that I felt the need to write them down.
SKU: 701
2nd REVISION A4 Workbook format. This Second revision is a major update that includes an additional chapter. This book started out as a Friday evening bible study on the Divine Nature, when the law of unintended consequences kicked in.
SKU: 783
Derek Robert, fondateur de Freedom Ministries International vous propose une deuxième édition amplifiée du livre qui libère et qui a permis de briser les pouvoirs et les malédictions générationnelles de la Franc-maçonnerie à travers le monde et d
SKU: 527
Derek Robert, Gründer von Freedom Ministries International, bietet Ihnen nun eine erweiterte Ausgabe des befreienden Buches an, das weltweit geholfen hat, die Mächte und Generationsflüche der Freimaurerei zu brechen und zahllose Familien freizusetzen.
SKU: 10
** DISCONTINUED ** This book is now replaced by Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry. It is our latest update and 6th Revision to Christian Set yourself Free From Freemasonry. Click for more details to link to latest book
SKU: 38
THIS BOOK IS BEING REVISED. Many are bound with a spirit of poverty. Poverty is not a matter of how much is in the bank but a condition of the heart and for example can come out as meanness. Many have tithed for years and are still broke. Whilst the '
SKU: 693
Total of 10 workbooks with free postage to anywhere in the world
SKU: 544
10 x Workbook Breaking the Chains of Fatherlessness, Emotional Abandonment and Jezebel - Free Worldwide postage to anywhere on the planet!