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SKU: 732
As a Jesuit, Alberto helped destroy churches and ministries.
SKU: 708
Subject: Satan's Deception 32 pages
SKU: 741
The true story of a gang leader from Ontario, California who became a new man when he met Jesus Christ
SKU: 728
The world in turmoil, a super leader rises, promising peace.
SKU: 733
After his salvation, Alberto is a hunted man. No Jesuit can leave his order alive! He reveals the infiltration of Protestant organizations, and warns of false "brethren" in our midst.
SKU: 727
Christ's power over Satan
SKU: 736
Here's a clear description of how the papacy fulfills Bible prophecies of the antichrist.
SKU: 740
In 1540, Pope Paul III officially accepted "The Society of Jesus" (Jesuits) into the Roman Catholic system. Today, the current Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicolás, is respected and feared by every Jesuit as God Himself.
SKU: 705
The Bible in Pictures 64 pages This full color comic teaches many major Bible stories, from Genesis to Revelation. And along with each story, scripture references show readers where they can find that story in their Bible. Many young people find
SKU: 725
Meet the Crusaders as they smuggle Scriptures into forbidden territory.
SKU: 730
Frank Connelly is the producer of a television series based on evolution. But his meeting with the Crusaders and their friend, Dr. Lind, will change his opinion on what he's producing.
SKU: 93
For thousands of years, Satan has tried to discredit God's Word. Bible schools are now teaching the Bible does not contain God's word.