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Harold teaches on understanding the emotions, origin and results whilst highlighting many key points in scripture. With focus on determining righteous from unrighteous anger and anger in the Old Testament. Includes two disk CD set on 'Anger'
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Shame can be a positive emotion but can become toxic and destructive. Toxic shame creates within us a negative self-image. It is the major root cause of negative cycles of life and the hinderance to true prosperity and wealth.
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A seminar on spiritual warfare taken from the book of Ephesians
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4 Disk CD set in presentation box - Free Postage until 3rd Oct. The Ruach has anointed Pastor Eleanora Dewberry with a powerful ministry to encourage women to find their true destiny in life an
SKU: 178
Another Powerful Dewberry Seminar -The Laws of The Kingdom Written in our Hearts; -The Law of Financial Prosperity (Claiming the Wealt of the Wicked); -Mending Broken Relationships; -Walking in Spritual Freedom; -Walking in Moral Freedom; -Establ
SKU: 462
'Feed my sheep Feed my lambs' is the result of over thirty years of ministry experience in shepherding God's flock and personal pastoral counselling. [The original message recorded by Dewberry Ministries International] The concepts were given as we s
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Recording of Complete seminar. Experience this twelve session seminar in the comfort of your home or car and be touched by the anointing of the Holy Spirit as you listen! The title of this book and seminar was inspired by the story of Joseph. Like Jose
SKU: 607
Teaching by Harold Dewberry recorded by Dewberry Ministries.
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Sexual abuse leaves a scar that many never recover from. Psychology rarely provides anything like a lasting cure and with much Christian counselling little better many are left with desolation and emotionally bleeding on the inside. This seminar provi
SKU: 591
Dr Dewberry teaches on how to counsel people with psychiatric disorders. Seminar in The Netherlands
SKU: 187
The Healing the Wounded Spirit teaching sets cover the following subjects: -Function of the Human Spirit This study gives insight into how the Holy Spirit impowers us through unity with our human spirit. -Healing of the Fearful & Intimidated Spirit
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Keys to Physical Healing is a study from the book of James leading to the prayer of faith.