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Some wonder at the connection of Fatherlessness & Jezebel. Simply, because of Emotional Abandonment, a fear of abandonment is created. In turn a control personality is developed that is often seen as being 'jezebelic'. Also produced is the double soul tha
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The history of Rome clearly tells us about dictatorship and bloodshed, but not many a Protestant knows on which side their forefathers stood. Most of us are not aware if somewhere in the family line there has been an encounter with or involvement in Roman
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2nd REVISION A4 Workbook format. This Second revision is a major update that includes an additional chapter. This book started out as a Friday evening bible study on the Divine Nature, when the law of unintended consequences kicked in.
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10 x Workbook Breaking the Chains of Fatherlessness, Emotional Abandonment and Jezebel - Free Worldwide postage to anywhere on the planet!
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Workbook and advanced seminar CD set Bundle - Worldwide postage included; Workbook and advanced seminar on CD set Breaking the Chains of Emotional Abandonment, Fatherlessness and Jezebel