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For many years we have found that the use of the Saviour’s Hebrew name in ministry was more powerful, we now have revised our books and you will find the prayer strategies are even more powerful than ever.

The Father's Name

When your bible says ‘The LORD’ it is often a straight out lie. An example is Isaiah 42:8, in which most bibles it says, “I am the LORD: that is my name.” NO, that is not His name. His Name is יהוה, Yehovah.  The very first time the Father’s name was used, in Genesis 2:4, bible translators decided to change it into ‘the Lord’. By doing that the Father's name is removed in excess of some 7,000 places in most bibles.

The Saviour's Hebrew Name

Neither was “Jesus” the name given, by the Angel of Yehovah for the Saviour. The Name Jesus, the Saviour’s Roman Catholic nickname, replaced His Hebrew name Ye’shua/Yehoshua over 900 times! 

These are not the only changes that translators wrongly have made. If you want to know more about those changes, please read the description under the heading Roman Catholicism.

You can read more about our Creator's name in my book "Lead Me to the Father". According to many a real eye-opener.

 Roman Catholic approved bibles

Textual critics and Jesuits on the editorial commissions ensure sufficient changes to accommodate Roman Catholic teaching and take over of the publication of bibles. Read more about this in my new workbook "Breaking the Chains of Roman Catholicism."

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