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Running Against The Wind by Brian Flynn
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Who better to warn the church about New Age practices infiltrating the church than a former New Age medium? As a teenager, Brian experimented with Ouija boards and Tarot cards. After time in the Air Force, he delved into the occult. In time, he developed his skill for transcendental meditation and eventually had his own spirit guides. Through a series of events in Brian's life, he found Jesus Christ and was radically saved out of darkness, only to find that some of the same practices Brian experienced as a medium were being introduced into the Christian church as forms of legitimate meditation and spirituality. Running Against the Wind is a relevant and crucial warning to believers and an evangelistic tool to those caught up in New Age and Eastern spirituality. Note from Derek Robert: As well as containing Brian Flynn’s riveting testimony this book is an excellent eye opener as to some of the occult practices coming into the church with some excellent info for those in prayer ministry.

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