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Does Freemasonry Make Good Men Better Men? 

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If you are looking for freedom from the negative generational effects of Freemasonry this website is for you.

The resources available on this website will bring release from every negative effect of your ancestors involvement in Freemasonry. More than that, with our materials you will be able to lay the axe to the root.

Of course dealing with freemasonry is  not a panacea for every ill of life. However, addressing the generational roots of freemasonry does make a very good beginning and for some this is the answer. Many come to us saying that they have tried everything else, sometimes feeling that this is last chance saloon. Fear not. Many have come to us in such a state but God has been good and they have gone away transformed by truth and the power of the Spirit of Yehovah.

For most the best place to start is our workbook ‘Christian Set Yourself Free From Freemasonry.’ With over 500 renunciations to break the negative effects of all 33 degrees of Scottish Rite masonry as well as all of the York Rite this book leaves most with a feeling of being cleansed.

If having worked through this book you feel there are still roots and or bondages then we suggest you purchase one of our ‘Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry’ seminars on DVD or CD. This really is a seminar in your home complete with the ministry as it happened in the seminar.

Further resources include ‘Fatherlessness and Breaking the Power of Jezebel’. Fatherlessness is a condition suffered not just by those who were orphaned but by those who were not nurtured by their father. ‘Stolen Finance’ is another resource that deals with the roots that cause financial loss.

Derek’s latest book ‘Freemasonry and Things That Go Bump in the Night’ covers all that the Spirit of Yehovah revealed to him through fifteen years of ministry into freemasonry.  This is a book for further freedom as well as spiritual warfare and is extensive.


If you are looking for basic information on the darkside of Freemasonry you can start by printing the leaflet, '7 Reasons Why Freemasonry is Not of God.' Go to the categories on the lefthand side of this page and select 'Not of God'. Masonic Quotes and Leo-Taxil Fraud may also be helpful.


For those looking for something more we have a small selection of materials by other authors explaining the nature of Freemasonry. These should be helpful for sharing with friends who are sceptical that there could be anything wrong with the 'Lodge'.


Useful small books are 'Hidden Secrets of Masonry', by Cathy Burns which has been mightly used in helping masons to leave the lodge. Another excellent book is, 'Should a Christian Be a Mason' by David Daniels. This explosive book exposes how the teaching of Albert Pike, the veritable 'Plato' of Freemasonry, blasphemes the Spirit Yehovah, the Kadosh Ruach. He also shows how that despite Masonry's protestations, this man is highly revered by Masonry. 


If you are in need of further advice then please email us using the contact page. We look forward to helping you.